November is the time of year when thankfulness is on the fore front of our minds, spending time with loved ones, showing gratitude to strangers, well just being thankful to live in this great country. On the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving is a day at G&R that pays it forward to those who played a part in making this company successful. On this day you will find customers, vendors, family members, union operators, union iron workers, business men, lawyers, and office personnel coming together in community over one of the biggest Thanksgiving lunches I’ve ever seen. It truly is a melting pot of diversity and amazing to see! Walking through the crowd you are most likely to hear comments like: this is amazing I’ve never seen anything like it, or this is the best Thanksgiving meal I get all year, or wow I can’t believe all the people here I’m just blown away. Truthfully that is what paying it forward is all about, honoring those who have stood beside you while making the impossible happen, showing value in relationships, and being grateful for those whom have remain loyal through the years. To G&R it is more than just a large T-day meal or making a profit at the end of the year it is an understanding that people matter. Moreover,  a understanding that behind each person is a family that has dreams of their own which we get to play a part in making those happen.